Targa Newfoundland day two: challenging stages and overnight repairs.

Targa Newfoundland day two: challenging stages and overnight repairs.
Posted on Sep 14, 2011

Day two was very exciting. We had seven very challenging stages today. A combination of one town stage, four high-speed magestic and flowing stages, and two city (tight subdivision) stages... the minute I turned the corner of the Applewood stage I knew the slight suspension stages we did were going to make a big difference with the Viper handling.

The Viper is now an absolute pleasure to drive on these very bumpy roads. The Pirellis are sticking like glue! The very last city stage is one of my favorite stages ever... we ran the very challenging Gander city stage twice. We cleared it the first time which may be only the second time it's ever been done in the dry. We had something go wrong with our racing clutch and had to do that stage again in second gear, requiring us to start using the engine starter! When it was all said and done, we took eight seconds over the 5km stage which is a miracle as we had just prior used one, two and three.

We are repairing the car at the Dodge dealer in Gander who is staying open all night for us! Thanks to the store manager Kevin Dicky!

In the end, I think we moved up the standings considerably and may be first-in-class! I am loving the Viper and learning much more than I ever thought about this chassis's amazing depth. Making a lot of believers out of the racers out here!

The people once again have floored me with their generosity. Nothing but cheers and visible applause as we tear by. Please check out the pictures I took of the various children that now say the SRT Viper is their favorite car!


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