Targa Newfoundland day three: making the Viper dance and fly.

Targa Newfoundland day three: making the Viper dance and fly.
Posted on Sep 15, 2011

Day three felt a little more natural as we are starting to settle into the Targa. I was very disappointed to see that we got tagged with a 30-second penalty for supposedly cutting a corner a little too much. We are asking for a formal inquiry as that corner was a gravelly mess by the time we got there. We’re putting that behind us as we hope for a re-evaluation.

A long-standing Targa tradition to keep the fans excited has the fast cars run near the back of the pack. The only problem is that the cars ahead tend to throw up a lot of gravel on some of the roads, making traction a challenge!

We set out to do as well as possible today and avoid any penalties or time... we were awfully close to a perfect day; out of nine grueling stages we only got tagged with five seconds on a stage where no one in our class managed to zero out the stage either. This particular stage had streets so tight I thought the Viper's wing mirrors would be scraping the outside walls of the town buildings.

Jen did a great job navigating...we are getting a good rhythm going. I have finally managed to make a dirty rally Mitsubishi Evolution and Subaru WRX fan truly respect the Viper's ability to also dance and fly!

Overall, we had a very good day with the Viper. It never missed a beat and was a pleasure to drive. We are getting great mileage on the transits, allowing us to go long distances without the need to refuel. The transits were very long as we covered over 250-300 miles today. We had no issues at all. Everyone got a chance to turn in early for a good night’s sleep, which is very important, as Thursday is known as the most difficult day. We have huge distances to cover with some of the most technical course yet to tackle.

Hey, to the SRT team that just came back from the ‘Ring... congrats!


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