Targa Newfoundland: a warm welcome.

Targa Newfoundland: a warm welcome.
Posted on Sep 12, 2011

This weekend felt more like a homecoming than getting prepared for a major sporting event. The locals have long memories and greet us like family when they see us.

Another amazing thing we notice is how many SRT fans there are in St. John's. However, something else is on our minds this weekend on the 10th anniversay of 9/11... Many don't know that Newfoundland, being the most eastward city on the North American continent, received 100s of diverted planes from Europe and around the world. Out of tragedy, thousands of friendships were born as the legendary grace of the Newfoundland people welcomed strangers into private homes and makeshift hotels. Lifelong friendships formed and deep compassion manifested when it was needed most. Several memorials and vigils took place this weekend in cities like Gander and St John's. As we prepare to prove our mettle and race in these villages and travel across Newfoundland's epic scenery, it will always be the grace of the people here that humbles me and keeps Team SRT coming back.

-Ralph Gilles

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