[Video] SRT High Performance Tour Route Recap: Week Two.

SRT High Performance Tour Route Recap: Week Two.
Posted on Aug 31, 2011

The SRT High Performance Tour spent its second week exploring roadside icons in the American Midwest.

A winding trip down The Mother Road, Route 66, led our intrepid team to the world’s largest RadioFlyer wagon. Mr. Norm’s Garage, a legend in hot-rod circles, let us cruise alongside classic Chryslers of all stripes. Then, wetook a rainy trip to the highly technical road course at GingerMan Raceway. At the end of the week, we joined over 100 show cars at the Cruising for Hope charity car show to help raise thousands of dollars for the Keyser Family Pediatric Cancer Center at Hope Children’s Hospital

Vital Tour Stats:

Miles driven: 2,084
Meals from a paper sack:  36
Car washes: 20
Clubs Visited: 6


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