[Video] SPEED meets the 2012 SRT lineup on Test Drive.

SPEED meets the 2012 SRT lineup on Test Drive.
Posted on Jan 06, 2012

High-performance machinery is a prerequisite for consideration on SPEED. Vehicles from Street and Racing Technology exceed this requirement.

The 2012 SRT lineup is put through its paces in a trans-Atlantic appraisal on the network’s latest episode of Test Drive. Accomplished race driver Tommy Kendall is joined by a diverse group of celebrity drivers as each model is tested in varied conditions. From California to Germany and back, SRT proves its international appeal and capability across a vast array of road surfaces and conditions.

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch unleashes the 470 horses that lie within the Charger SRT8. He and Kendall play cat and mouse on a road course in a pair of the muscular sedans. They push them to the limit while instantaneous feedback is provided by Performance Pages.

The heavily decorated Carey Hart joins Kendall at an abandoned steel yard in Fontana, California. Retro styling paired with modern capabilities peak the two’s interest as they exhibit the coupe’s unbridled power. The raw setting serves as an excellent backdrop as they create their own chase scene.

Next, Kendall and the Grand Cherokee SRT8 rendezvous in Germany for a high speed test on the nation’s famous autobahn. The performance SUV reaches its maximum velocity on an open stretch of the smooth pavement. The visit proves SRT metal is potent no matter where it’s driven.

A trip to Germany wouldn’t be complete without a few laps on the celebrated Nürburgring. Queen of the ‘ring Sabine Schmitz takes the all-weather 470-horsepower Grand Cherokee on a high-speed run around the 13-mile course demonstrating its international abilities.

The engaging episode wraps as SRT CEO Ralph Gilles makes his way through Detroit in the refined 300 SRT8. His tour of the city is remains dignified until a side trip to Belle Isle is made where Gilles and the 300 express their true potential. Executive sedan and race-ready machine as one, the 300 SRT8 is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

View the episode in its entirety on HULU.


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