Owner Profile: Mario Ojito, Miami, Florida.

I wasn’t a Mopar guy until I rode in my first one, a 2005 Neon SRT4 infused with Mopar Stage 2 with Turbo Toys.
Posted on Nov 17, 2011

I wasn’t a Mopar guy until I rode in my first one, a 2005 Neon SRT4 infused with Mopar Stage 2 with Turbo Toys. I was simply amazed by the power and was forever hooked on the sound and torque of this American turbo. I knew at that moment I would one day own an SRT4.

I picked up my first SRT in January 2008 with the intent of drag racing it. After six months I fabricated my turbo kit and put down 420 wheel horsepower at 20 pounds of boost with my Borg Warner S362 upgrade. It originally rolled off the dyno at 520 wheel horsepower at 25 pounds of boost, but that scared me too much, so I turned the boost down. I loved that car, but got bored of drag racing and decided to completely change my setup for road racing.

First Mopar The first Mopar I ever owned is my current 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT4 in Brilliant Black, with an upgraded S256 turbo.

Favorite stretch of road My favorite stretch of road is driving along SR 836 in Miami towards I-95 at night. The beautiful view of Miami International Airport, the city skyline from the bridge and then the beach are simply breathtaking.

Farthest traveled to meet a fellow car enthusiast The furthest I’ve ever traveled was to Orlando – from Miami – for the SRT4 Showdown .

Racing or cruising I’ve done a lot of racing with my SRT, beginning with drag racing and now road racing. I race every chance I get at the Homestead Motor Speedway. I still do some cruising, but spend most of my time between upgrades and tunings at the raceway.

Badge of Loyalty I would consider my vehicle my badge of loyalty. I had big problems with the car when I first went with a big turbo. The issues were electrical, since this vehicle uses an AEM Fuel Ignition controller unit that has to be wired into the harness. I had plenty of problems once I installed it. The vehicle was down for three months while I tried to figure out all the bugs and get the car tuned. Neno at Rage-Tek helped me figure out – good thing he did, because I almost gave up and sold off my parts. After three months of checking and double-checking everything, it finally rolled out of the garage.

I recently created a non-profit organization that will focus on eliminating illegal street racing. I love this sport, and want to see it viewed as an amazing experience instead of a hazard. Our goal is to offer a program that can be open five nights a week, and will allow anyone to race in a safe and legal manner.

Online hangouts MyFloridaSRT.com, TrackWeekend.com and CaliberSRT4.net.


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