Dodge Unveils Fourth Heritage Color for Challenger and Charger SRT® Models

2 years ago Announcements

Dodge SRT® Challengers and Chargers will be painted in another eye-catching, nostalgia-stirring hue soon. Announced at the 11th annual Spring Festival in Irvine, California, Dodge showed an example of both cars painted in the historic Go Mango color to much fanfare.

First offered on the 1970 Challenger and appearing for a short time in 2006 as part of a special edition, Go Mango combines orange and red tones into a high-impact color that showcases the legendary Dodge performance attitude. The color marks the fourth time that Dodge has offered cars in their High Impact Color line, a selection of paints deeply rooted in the brand’s history.

“High impact colors really speak to Dodge Heritage,” said La Shirl Turner, Head of Colors and Materials at FCA US LLC. “And providing the customer with a color that is as eye-catching as Go Mango and the other High Impact Paint Colors gives them what they want — to get noticed.”

Turner says that the customers are very integral to the Dodge Brand’s decision to continue offering models painted in the historic hues. She credits them as the most aware of any fan base of the heritage and history behind the brand.

Go Mango is available for order immediately on the Challenger SRT 392 and Challenger SRT Hellcat, and the Charger SRT 392 and Charger SRT Hellcat. Until we start to see the startling color on the road, we have a gallery of cars painted in the colors to drool over below.



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