SRT® Hallmarks: Dial in the new Grand Cherokee SRT for every road surface with Selec-Track®.

It possesses capability and performance beyond reason. A simple look at the Grand Cherokee SRT<sup>®</sup> performance numbers shows it is one of the most athletic SUVs available, as capable power is matched with all-around agility.
Posted on Feb 05, 2013

It possesses capability and performance beyond reason. A simple look at the Grand Cherokee SRT® performance numbers shows it is one of the most athletic SUVs available, as capable power is matched with all-around agility. A wide array of abilities comes thanks to the intelligent Selec-Track® system, giving drivers the capability to dial in precise settings with a simple flick of the wrist. From snow machine to track monster, the Grand Cherokee SRT is one versatile performer.

"Selec-Track is a one-stop shop to change the behavior of the Grand Cherokee SRT," said Jeff Roselli, Vehicle Integration Responsible, Grand Cherokee SRT. "Suspension, driveline torque distribution, shift schedule, stability control and engine mapping are all controlled through the simple interface. It allows us to tie all the systems together. Selec-Track makes the Grand Cherokee SRT a comfortable daily driver and a track rat all-in-one."

Five distinct settings on Selec-Track allow drivers to match road conditions to desired vehicle handling dynamics in a moment's notice. Switching between any of the five settings can be accomplished on the fly, making for a true all-around performance vehicle.

Auto Mode is the default setting for everyday driving with the ability to perform spirited maneuvers while maintaining composure. The setting offers full power and acceleration performance, but is tuned to be more livable for commuting. It's an overall good setting ready for any surface. Torque delivery in Auto Mode is split 40 percent front, 60 percent rear.

"Sport Mode is what you'd choose when you hit curvy roads," explains Roselli. "It's more aggressive than Auto Mode, but not 'all-out.' Shock rebound is slightly firmed up and the vehicle follows the road much tighter than in Auto."

Sport mode tightens up the car without increasing impact harshness. The torque split is a little more rear bias, with 35 percent headed to the front axle and 65 percent destined for the rear. The added rear bias lets drivers modify the slip angle. Sport Mode also offers the ability to hold gears when AutoStick is engaged.

Owners set on taking their Grand Cherokee SRT to the track are sure to enjoy Track Mode. Settings alter the suspension to full firm and dial in a 30/70 (35/65 in 2013-model year) torque split. Transmission settings deliver quicker shifts and the ability to maintain a gear selection remains intact. With just a quick flick of the wrist, the Grand Cherokee SRT is ready to take on the challenges of any racetrack. Track mode should not be used for street driving.

When slippery road conditions are inevitable, Snow Mode is present to help keep drivers and their cargo safe. It is the most stable setting within Selec-Track offering a 50/50 torque split and full Stability Control. The setting helps keep the rear of the car in line with the front.

"We can't beat physics," says Roselli. "If you go too fast into a corner it can slide off-road. Snow Mode isn't fun or entertaining. It is meant to help keep the car in line in the worst of conditions."

Tow Mode changes the torque delivery of the engine so it isn't quite as aggressive off the line so things in your trailer stay where they belong. Suspension is used to combat pitch and squat, which can happen if your trailer is loaded incorrectly. Shock absorbers constantly work to help control the motion of the vehicle going down the road. New for 2014, the suspension settings are firmed up similar to Sport mode to increase towing stability.

Overall, the shift feel is distinctly different in all the modes, and Selec-Track allows the different maps to be dialed in more easily. With the implementation of the new eight-speed transmission for 2014, there is a bigger performance difference between the modes, including much faster shifts.

Customer feedback drove the decision to add Launch Control to the Grand Cherokee SRT for 2014. The Launch Control function is available in Auto, Sport, and Track modes. The function adjusts suspension, stability control, driveline, and transmission settings in order to provide the optimum launch and straight-line acceleration. To engage Launch Control, simply apply the brake, straighten the steering wheel, and apply throttle. The engine RPM will rise to a set limit, the suspension will firm up, the driveline will switch to optimum torque split, and traction control will be turned off.

Handling a bevy of driving conditions is what the Grand Cherokee SRT is all about, thanks in large part to the versatility of the Selec-Track system.


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