SRT® Hallmarks: What’s inside the 2013 SRT Viper counts. A lot.

Nowhere else is the evolution of the SRT Viper from a raw sports car to a handcrafted performance automobile more evident than in its completely re-thought interior. The shapes, materials and sensory gratification of the 2013 SRT Viper...
Posted on Nov 09, 2012

Nowhere else is the evolution of the SRT® Viper from a raw sports car to a handcrafted performance automobile more evident than in its completely re-thought interior. The shapes, materials and sensory gratification of the 2013 SRT Viper vault it to world-class status. Even at SRT, there is room to push the envelope. And nowhere is that more evident than in the SRT Viper GTS Interior.

According to Tome Jovanoski, Lead Designer for the SRT Viper interior: "We knew the 2013 exterior would be evolutionary. As Ralph (Gilles) says, 'It's an icon.' We also knew the interior would need to be revolutionary, because Viper is the halo vehicle for the SRT brand. It shows the direction that all SRT vehicles will be taking in the future."

The new GTS interior fulfills this vision and more. In keeping with its world-class status, nothing was spared to give the driver complete immersion in the driving experience, with a high level of amenities to augment its exotic performance.

"First and foremost, Viper is a sensory experience," said Jovanoski. "Everything you touch, see, smell and hear should communicate craftsmanship and performance. We went all out. Some might say a little extreme, but that's what a Viper is."

The standard SRT interior is already a high-quality driving environment, with leather wrapping set off with contrast hand-stitching. Specifying the GTS raises the stakes by wrapping even more surfaces in a finer grade of leather, with complementary contrast stitching. Stepping up to the optional GTS Laguna Package – SRT Viper GTS only – takes things to an all-new level, with the most premium leather hides available in a Viper.

But, what most people will notice first is the wave of color applied to the seats, console and door panels in a bold red, caramel tan, or silver-gray leather. And, of course, there is the exotic aroma of quality European leather.

"At SRT, we're very tuned in with the current Viper owners who are into personalizing their cars. We watch what competitors and the aftermarket are doing, and respond to those trends in design."

To Jovanoski, the GTS' expressive use of color and craftsmanship gives the owner the best of both worlds: a high level of quality and a bold expressive look that invites showing off. Yet, there is still purpose behind all the selections. "For the seats, where the leather is functional, the perforations are larger than on the console or door panels, but it still coordinates with everything else."

SRT even went the next step to coordinate the vents and gauges to the interior selection. Their surfaces create a sense of detail and dimension, with a gunmetal outer ring, a satin chrome inner ring, and a color-coordinated back tab that matches the interior accent selection.

As if this were not sufficient to underscore the SRT drive for hand-crafted character, there is yet another level to the GTS: the Laguna Interior Package. These appointments create a striking monotone presentation that relies even more on texture and color to present Viper's world-class credentials.

"We call it the 'dipped' look," said Jovanoski. "We put snakeskin inserts on the door panels and seats. It creates a whole different animal." Available in two colors – classic black and rich Sepia – the Laguna Interior Package is truly the ultimate, even in the SRT Viper's rarefied atmosphere.

What does all this mean?

"We've really created a two-mode supercar," said Jovanoski. "On one hand, you have a 640-horsepower track monster for club racing and open track events. On the other, you have a very civilized car that you can use for other purposes without sacrificing its performance."


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