Owner Profile: Bobby Cerchione, Rutherford, New Jersey

At every SRT event you meet great people, and like-minded people. Whether they race their cars or cruise their cars they all have the same passion.
Posted on Oct 17, 2012

SRT® is really a part of who I am today. I can't even explain the passion I have, it's like a sickness. At every SRT event you meet great people, and like-minded people. Whether they race their cars or cruise their cars they all have the same passion. When you meet Ralph or any of the other executives, that passion is shared and you can feel it with them. They're not stand-offish with you – they're real people - from the racecar drivers to the guys like me who just happen to own one. We have a saying in the Viper Club that we use often, "It's the car that got you here, but it's the people who keep you here." It's the same thing at SRT.

A few years back I started an event here in the Northeast, the 9/11 Run. We started the run for a fallen Port Authority police officer who had a dream of owning a Viper but never got to live out that dream. The event is dedicated to him and to raise money for the widows and children of fallen New York police and firefighters, which goes to all families, not just 9/11 victims.

First Mopar® My first Mopar was a 1986 Dodge Ramcharger.

In the garage I have a 300 SRT8 and a Viper SRT-10. In 2000 I bought my first Viper, a 2000 RT/10, and after that I became a Dodge guy. I then bought a Dodge Caravan, which I made into a Viper Van – it was white and I added stripes on it. I then changed the badge on it from Caravan to Viper Van. My father in-law still has it.

Favorite stretch of road One of my favorite stretches of roads in the Northeast is the Merritt Parkway. I like to drive it around 6:00 a.m. when no one else is on it. The stretch is a wooded road, beautiful trees up and down it, hilly, turns, all things that SRT vehicles are made for.

Racing or cruising I love to track my car at events that we hold in the Northeast. I started with my RT/10 and continued with the SRT-10. I definitely have the racing bug.

Hardcore proof of SRT dedication I'm branding my kids, unbeknownst to me, through taking them to Viper Club and ALMS events. My kids point out the vehicles and they get really excited. It's great to do things with my kids who have the same passion that I do now. I took them to their first ALMS race in Mid-Ohio and my one son looked at me and said, "Dad, thank you for taking me to a memorable experience." That made my day.

The SRT experience really is amazing. From the people at corporate, from Ralph down, I'm so excited that it's a car brand, run by car guys, for car guys. They really live that motto every day. My 300 is due to be replaced and I'll be getting another one, I'm not even looking anywhere else. It's just a given.

Club affiliation I'm the national secretary of the Viper Club of America. I've also created the Viper Club of New Jersey Facebook page. Even on my own page I'm always touting Viper and SRT.

I don't belong to any car clubs besides the VCA. I do sit on the board of Pocono CSD which is an event that's held every year on Memorial Day weekend at Pocono Raceway. We hold the event with a car show, two track days and dinner for participants.


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