Route Recap: SRT Tour week nine

Our ninth week of the SRT Tour was dominated by the word big. Big miles traveled, big pieces of meat and big collections of big cars.
Posted on Sep 20, 2012

Our ninth week of the SRT Tour was dominated by the word big. Big miles traveled, big pieces of meat and big collections of big cars.

"We traveled over 2,100 miles this week," said Jen. "No surprise, but the Oil Change Due light came on my dashboard. I like the reminder since the little sticker fell off the inside of the windshield a couple weeks ago."

We met a number of clubs, including Amarillo Mopars, who took us to the "Cadillac Ranch." Rachel explained it well: "You've seen this on postcards and TV shows; an eccentric farmer took a bunch of old cars and buried them in his pasture with the rear ends sticking up in the sky. We added an SRT Tour decal to help dress things up."

After that, we went to dinner with the club at the big Texan Steak Ranch where they challenge you to eat their 72-ounce steak and all the fixins in 60 minutes. Do it and the meal is free. Fail and it'll cost you $72. No, we didn't try, but there was one man giving it a shot that night. And no, he didn't make it.

STLSRT was next on our list: the St. Louis SRT Club. What's big there? The Arch, of course! We had dinner and a cruise night at a local drive in, then went out for some karting. The Boschertown Go Karts facility has been in business since the 1950s and their "super karts" were surprisingly quick. "Anytime we get to race anything, it's fun. Add in a great group of guys like STLSRT and it's a home run," says Sean.

We were headed toward Alabama, but stopped off in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. "Live on the Green" is a big concert series they hold downtown and thousands of people were there to see The Wallflowers, and according to Hammer, "They sounded great in person, but when we got back in our SRTs that night, the Harman Kardon sound systems really turned up the music for us!"

Last stop of the weekend was to the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum in tiny Alexander City, Alabama. Owned by Tim Wellborn, this collection started from a passion for HEMI® Chargers and is housed in a 1930s era car dealership. Tim tells the story of sitting on his dad's lap as a little boy the day they bought that first one and it's still in the collection! The Mopar® Mafia group came out too… then Tim took us all to his personal collection at his home a couple miles away. We were deeply absorbed in a big collection of incredible cars.

The SRT Tour has a couple weeks left and up next is an autocross with the Alabama SCCA, a visit to the Barber Motorsports Park & Museum, then Georgia and the Carolinas. The action is live on our Instagram and Twitter feeds @SRTTour.


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