Pricing and options announced for 2013 SRT® Viper.

The new 2013 SRT Viper will be in customer hands later this year. In preparation for the launch, pricing and options are now official. Two models and more options than ever, give buyers the opportunity to customize the 2013 Viper like never before.
Posted on Sep 27, 2012

The new 2013 SRT® Viper will be in customers' hands later this year. In preparation for the launch, pricing and options are now official. Two models and more options than ever give buyers the opportunity to customize the 2013 Viper like never before. An extensive array of colors and stripes, interior options, stereo choices and wheel designs are all on the table. Building a unique car won't be an issue, as nearly 150,000 combinations are available. Be sure to visit the Viper Visualizer at to build your own.

Two Snakes, One Mission
SRT Viper and SRT Viper GTS models were created with specific goals of satisfying the insistent desires of Viper customers everywhere. The SRT Viper is an all-out performance machine aimed squarely at the enthusiast seeking a direct connection to his or her vehicle. It is a modernized adaptation of the original. Equally potent, the SRT Viper GTS offers drivers a new level of amenities. Its added content and features offer owners exceptional comfort and ability. Whether choosing the SRT Viper or SRT Viper GTS, owners will be undoubtedly enamored by its beauty and sheer performance capabilities.

2013 SRT Viper starting price

  • SRT Viper $97,395
  • SRT Viper GTS $120,395
Prices do not include $1,995 destination fee, and a gas guzzler tax charge which will be finalized when final fuel economy ratings are official.

Color Palette
Consistent with the hand-built nature of the SRT Viper, every application of paint is completed manually including preparation, sanding and polishing, resulting in one of the best paint jobs in the industry. For 2013, this spectacular paint will be available in a mixture of classic SRT Viper shades, as well as some new colors.

Six color choices are offered for the 2013 SRT Viper: Adrenaline Red, Black Venom, Bright White, Gunmetal Pearl, Race Yellow and Shadow Blue Pearl. The Viper GTS receives expanded availability including Stryker Red Tinted Pearl and GTS Blue.

"Taking the DNA and strategy from previous generation Vipers, we wanted to start that with the Gen-V," said Jim Parker, Head of Exterior Color and Trim Studio, Chrysler Product Design Office. "We wanted to start off with a larger baseline than we had on the Gen-I. We also wanted to ramp up the type of paint and colors that were available on the car. We wanted to have a flavor of the original car with new colors and new types of colors as we moved forward with the Gen-V cars."

A couple of shades from earlier generation Vipers have been reintroduced in the latest reincarnation of the car. Bright White and Race Yellow gained prominence in earlier generations and are back for another round.

"On this generation of the Viper, we wanted to look back and then we wanted to look forward as well," said Parker. "Then we wanted to look forward yet again. It's kind of like you are looking back to where we ended up and what was really popular and resonated with hardcore Viper people over the last 18 years." The classic Viper Red was re-worked and evolved into what is now called Adrenaline Red.

Stryker Red is a new hue that was created to resemble liquid red metal and has been dubbed "the ultimate red." Most people don't know this amazing color was developed as a special one-off show car color. Reactions and opinions were so positive we decided to make it a special production color.

"We have mixed up the colors of the car," said Mark Trostle, Head of Design for SRT®, Mopar® and Motorsports. "We have the dark, mechanical colors as I like to call them, and the candy colors, the yellow and reds, which help balance the color palette."

New and old alike, the colors on the SRT Viper and SRT Viper GTS continue to set the supercar apart, bringing out its true style and performance attributes.

  • Adrenaline Red
    • SRT Viper/SRT Viper GTS
  • Black Venom
    • SRT Viper/SRT Viper GTS
  • Bright White
    • SRT Viper/SRT Viper GTS
  • Race Yellow
    • $1,000 SRT Viper/SRT Viper GTS
  • Shadow Blue Pearl
    • $1,000 SRT Viper/SRT Viper GTS
  • Gunmetal Pearl
    • $1,000 SRT Viper/SRT Viper GTS
  • GTS Blue - N/A SRT Viper
    • $1,000 SRT Viper GTS
  • Stryker Red Tinted Pearl - N/A SRT Viper
    • $14,600 SRT Viper GTS

Racing Stripes
Individuality continues with the availability of two distinguished stripe options. The stripes are applied in the paint booth before the main body color. Only after the paint is cured, a final clear coat is applied ensuring the stripe is an integral part of the finished product. Stripes offered on the SRT Viper start on the hood, make their way over the roof panel and finish on the decklid. Equal-width stripes run the entire length of the SRT Viper GTS starting on the front fascia, gracing its hood, roof and decklid, and finishing on the rear fascia. Billet Silver, Black Venom and Gunmetal are all offered as stripe colors. Bright White body-length stripes are held exclusively for the 2013 SRT Viper GTS Launch Edition.

  • SRT Stripes – SRT Viper, N/A SRT Viper GTS
    • $4,500 Billet Silver
    • $4,500 Black Venom
    • $4,500 Gunmetal
  • GTS Stripes – N/A SRT Viper, SRT Viper GTS
    • $5,000 Billet Silver
    • $5,000 Black Venom
    • $5,000 Gunmetal
    • Bright White (Launch Edition only)

Exterior Carbon Fiber Package
Carbon fiber is known for being lightweight but durable, perfect for racing applications. Those are two compelling reasons why real carbon fiber is used to create the components in the Exterior Carbon Fiber Package available on the 2013 SRT Viper. Save weight and improve the appearance of the front brake ducts, rear brake inlets and taillight surround.

  • Exterior Carbon Fiber Package
    • $5,100 - SRT Viper/SRT Viper GTS
*The package is available for order starting Q1 2013.

Carbon Fiber Aero Package
Continuing the carbon fiber theme for optional exterior components, select this real carbon fiber aero package for 2013 SRT Viper and SRT Viper GTS models. The package consists of functional, lightweight and stylish two-piece front splitter and rear spoiler. Pieces are functional for high performance applications and durable for day-to-day driving conditions.

  • Carbon Fiber Aero Package
    • $4,800 - SRT Viper /SRT Viper GTS
*The package is available for order starting Q1 2013.

Eight wheel options open the doors to further customization from the factory. Three wheel designs and a trio of finishes combine to give customers eight choices for 2013. The five-spoke Rattler and six-spoke Venom wheels are both offered in polished, hyper black and matte black finishes, while the Track Package-only ultra-lightweight multi-spoke Sidewinder II comes in either hyper black or matte black.

  • Five-spoke Rattler
    • Polished
      • Standard SRT Viper
      • $500 SRT Viper GTS
    • Hyper Black
      • $1,100 SRT Viper/SRT Viper GTS
    • Matte Black
      • $1,100 SRT Viper/SRT Viper GTS
  • Six-spoke Venom - N/A SRT Viper
    • Polished
      • Standard SRT Viper GTS
    • Hyper Black
      • $1,100 SRT Viper GTS
    • Matte Black
      • $1,100 SRT Viper GTS
  • Multi-spoke Sidewinder II – Track Package Only
    • Hyper Black
      • Included in the Track Package
    • Matte Black
      • $500 option to the Track Package

Audio Bliss
The 8.4-liter V-10 produces an amazing soundtrack. However, when other audio selections are desired, Viper offers three systems each improving upon auditory pleasure. Ranging from an amazing nine-speaker system, to a top-of-the-line 18-speaker Harman Kardon® package, there's something for everyone. All three systems are controlled through the 8.4-inch infotainment system, where tracks can be piped in via a number of sources. Its only limits are the driver's playlist.

  • Nine-speaker audio system
    • Standard SRT Viper
    • N/A SRT Viper GTS
  • 12-speaker audio system
    • $1,995 SRT Viper
    • Standard SRT Viper GTS
  • 18-speaker Harman Kardon® premium audio system
    • $2,995 SRT Viper
    • $1,000 SRT Viper GTS

Sabelt Sport Seats
SRT® designers went to great lengths ensuring the inside of the new Viper is an upscale space that can go toe-to-toe with any supercar in the world, while maintaining its race-capable functionality. Track-ready seats from Sabelt come covered in the choice between three distinct interior materials including premium ballistic nylon, Nappa leather with Alcantara inserts and the first application of Laguna Premium leather in an SRT. This upscale leather is more commonly found on the inside of premium yachts and private aircraft. Further customization comes in the form of optional Header Red seat belts available with either SRT Viper model.

  • Sabelt with premium ballistic covering (Black)
    • Standard SRT Viper
  • Sabelt with Nappa leather and Alcantara (Black, Red*, Carmel)
    • $3,000 SRT Viper (seats only)
    • Standard SRT Viper GTS (Seats match door and interior trim)
  • Sabelt with SRT Laguna Leather (Black, Sepia)
    • N/A SRT Viper
    • GTS Laguna Interior package SRT Viper GTS (Seats match entire interior)
  • Header Red seat belts
    • $350 SRT Viper / SRT Viper GTS

*Red Nappa Leather is not available when Race Yellow exterior paint is chosen

Track Package
Track days in the Viper are commonplace amongst speed junkies. Viper leaves the factory floor ready to tackle any track in the world at a moment’s notice. The available Track Package further hones the Viper by taking performance to the next level. Slotted two-piece lightweight rotors from StopTech are exchanged for stock equipment. Ultra-lightweight multi-spoke Sidewinder II wheels wrapped in high-performance Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires further reduce unsprung weight at the corners. Selecting the Track Package removes 57 pounds from the vehicle’s curb weight.

  • Track Package
    • $3,500 SRT Viper/SRT Viper GTS
      • Optional matte finish for Sidewinder II wheels - $500

Grand Touring Package
The Grand Touring Package offers a number of technology advancements and amenities for the SRT Viper price class, further enhancing its capabilities. The tech-focused package adds an upgraded infotainment system with full 3D graphic navigation with one-step voice destination entry, Bluetooth compatibility, Satellite radio and HD radio. An embedded cellular connection provides live traffic updates, streaming internet radio and several downloadable applications. The included backup camera eases parking, premium floor mats and a cup holder insert provide a convenient place for beverages.

  • Grand Touring Package
    • $2,500 SRT Viper
    • Standard SRT Viper GTS

GTS Laguna Interior Package
The optional GTS Laguna Package features exceptional SRT Laguna premium leather surfacing throughout the entire cabin in either black or Sepia. Unique embossments are designed into the door bolsters, seats and the storage bag and a headliner fully wrapped in Alcantara completes the package.

  • GTS Laguna Interior Package
    • N/A SRT Viper
    • $7,500 SRT Viper GTS

Carbon Fiber Interior Package
Carbon fiber is used widely in the racing world, and is now utilized extensively in the new SRT Viper. The optional Carbon Fiber Interior Package brings the athletic material inside the cabin with a number of tasteful, elegant accents throughout. Elements of this package completed in carbon fiber include: steering wheel bezel, AC vents, gauge cluster bezel, headlamp switch bezel, center stack bezel, shifter bezel, door remote bezel, map pocket surround, window switch extension and seat racing harness bezel.

  • Interior Carbon Fiber Package
    • $3,400 - SRT Viper/SRT Viper GTS
*The package is available for order starting Q1 2013.

SRT® Viper GTS Launch Edition Package
GTS Blue with Bright White painted stripes will grace 150 of the first SRT® Viper GTS models for 2013. These exclusive cars will feature the Laguna Interior package, 18-speaker Harman Kardon® premium audio system and polished forged-aluminum five-spoke Rattler wheels. Launch Edition models also include a matching white-on-blue dust cover from Mopar. The covers are individualized with the sequential number of the car. Stryker logos inside and out feature a unique blue background, with a VIN-matching sequential-numbered dash plaque added to the passenger side of the instrument panel.

  • GTS Launch Edition Package
    • N/A SRT Viper
    • $15,500 SRT Viper GTS
SRT Viper GTS Launch Edition

Customer orders for both SRT Viper models will commence in mid-November, with the first deliveries scheduled for December. Visit for further SRT Viper details as they become available. Until then, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for daily updates.

*Prices listed are accurate as of the date of this release.


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