Route Recap: SRT Tour week seven

The largest surprise of the SRT Tour happened in Reno…when the Crossfire Club showed up.
Posted on Aug 29, 2012

Our Jeep® Grand Cherokee SRT has a 5,000 pound towing capacity and we're using it to bring our trailer full of SRT goodies. However, we started the week in California where any vehicle with a trailer is limited to 55 mph.

As you can imagine, we were aching to stretch that 470 horsepower, but being good citizens that we are we saw our fuel economy go through the roof. While that may not be the main reason you purchase an SRT, it's nice to know that if you can keep your foot out of it, you're not leaving the carbon footprint of a 747.

"That drive between Monterey and the California / Nevada border had some really wild weather," said Sean. "It was in the 60s at the coast, but by the time we were up in the mountains, it was over 100...and that was just a two-hour drive."

We pulled over multiple times to look at the incredible views and snap some photos; incredibly tall peaks, 100-foot tall trees and rivers bending through the valleys were the perfect backdrop for our beautiful and powerful SRTs.

We came down from the mountains into the high desert of Nevada and made our way toward The Biggest Little City in the World, Reno, Nevada. None of us had been to Reno before and we all had the same first impression: "This place is really clean," said Jen, who always carries a tube of hand sanitizer with her.

"It's like a small Las Vegas but you feel instantly welcome here," noted Jen. We were there to visit the National Automobile Museum, which was born from the famous "Harrah's Collection" owned by casino owner Bill Harrah. Over 200 of the most important historical cars are there. And Rachel points out, "They're set in these great vignettes with period-correct streets and buildings all built to replicate the era of the cars."

The largest surprise of the SRT Tour happened in Reno...when the Crossfire Club showed up. It was sheer coincidence that nearly a dozen Crossfires happened to be in the same place at the same time as we were, but we all had a great time talking cars and then going through the museum together.

"One thing stands out to me," says Hammer. "That is, no matter where we go, we find that the nicest people are car people." The smiles we shared in Reno are proof-positive of that statement.

From Reno, we headed south to Las Vegas and we faced some of the most challenging weather we've seen on the trip: high winds blew us around and rain fell with enough force to slow us down. It was no surprise though; the land is so flat that we could see the storms when they were still miles away. It made for some very interesting photos.

Along the route, some unique sights:

  • The "World's Largest Firecracker" (allegedly an M800)
  • A restaurant that was made out of a 50-foot fishing boat (yes, in the middle of the desert)
  • Nevada's mountain-top Walker Lake
  • A gas station/fast food restaurant that lost power requiring everyone to leave
  • 3 "cat houses"...since that's legal in certain parts of Nevada

In Las Vegas, we spent a great evening with the Las Vegas SRT Club; burgers, shakes, fries and car guys simply go hand-in-hand. Talk about a great showing, we had SRT4s, 6s and 8s in attendance.

The team is taking a few days off to visit family and enjoy the holiday weekend, but we'll be back at it in a few days with upcoming SRT Tour stops in Phoenix, Tucson and Amarillo.


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