Style, function and performance all rolled into one inside the Charger SRT8.

SRT designers bring back the iconic Radar Red interior color for 2012.
Posted on Jun 01, 2012

Style and appeal were key elements during the interior design process of the Charger SRT8. While the interior looks stunning, it also had to be functional and add to the overall performance of the vehicle to meet the exacting SRT standards, which it does.

Mark Trostle, Head of Exterior Design for SRT, worked hand-in-hand with the interior design team ensuring that the concept and materials used inside of the Charger SRT8 melded with the lines and hues on the outside.A contrast between black and Radar Red inside the Charger SRT8 adds a distinct flavor that blends well with the exterior tones.

"We wanted to make sure the Charger SRT8 had the potential for this cool, kind of graphic breakup with the materials," said Trostle. "Everything on the interior looks very dramatic and looks likes it has motion to it."

While the plush seats emanate style with their combination of leather and perforated suede, they also were designed to keep the driver in-place while behind the wheel. A built-in heating and ventilation system in each seat provides for optimal comfort on the open road or at the track.

As is the case with every SRT vehicle, the Charger SRT8 has a signature steering wheel. Featuring a flat bottom, the leather-wrapped steering wheel was designed to have a performance feel that fits the driver’s fingers precisely. The center of the steering wheel contains a shimmering piece of aluminum that is cold to the touch, evoking a sensory overload.

The pedals in the Charger SRT8 mesh perfectly with the overall theme of the interior. With a metallic and mechanical aesthetic to them, the pedals are fully functional, as rubber nubs provide extra grip to the driver, especially when it is raining outside.

"We designed and thought about everything that is inside the Charger," said Trostle. "If you had the pedals sitting somewhere on a table, you would say, 'These are pretty cool.' It fits really well with the whole concept of the interior."

Precise and exact details of the performance of the Charger SRT8 are never more than an arm's length away, as an 8.4-inch touchscreen interface features real-time telemetry and data. SRT Performance Pages exhibit a wealth of information from 0-60-times to fluid temperatures and levels and just about everything in between.

"We very much wanted it to be driver-oriented," shared Trostle. "We wanted to have something that was very unique as well. The Charger has so much identity."


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