The style and function of the 300 SRT8 exterior.

The exterior of the 300 SRT8 is not only designed to look striking and bold, but also to be fully functional.
Posted on May 10, 2012

The exterior of the 300 SRT8 is not only designed to look striking and bold, but also to be fully functional. Every curve, depression and styling cue on the outside of the car is quick to catch the eye, and each serves a distinct purpose in the overall performance of the grand touring sedan.

The shimmering silver exterior instantly stands out on the 300 SRT8, with an optional black vapor chrome package available. The contrast of the two colors is a key element in the design process. Helping the 300 SRT8 look every bit the executive sedan that it is, a unique front fascia and grille finished in black vapor chrome are present. A mechanical looking texture is a theme throughout the exterior design of the 300 SRT8, including the use of the same texture on the lower reaches of the car.

Mark Trostle, Head of SRT, Viper, Mopar and Motorsports Design, and Jim Parker, Design Head, Product Design Office at Chrysler Group LLC., were the brains behind the exterior layout of the 300 SRT8. The pair wanted the car to shimmer, while also being fully capable of achieving optimal speed and performance on the road.

"Each of the SRT vehicles has its own DNA," said Parker. "What we are doing with the 300 SRT8 is complementing it with really premium exterior finishes like the black vapor chrome and the black grille. We'll see that evolve into some other vehicles as well on the SRT brand. We're really excited about not only the paint colors, but marrying them to some really cool finishes that actually makes them stand out from other performance-type vehicles."

The same aerodynamic objectives that go into each SRT vehicle, including a spoiler, are present in the exterior design of the 300 SRT8, to keep the car planted in both front and rear to help create the greatest amount of downforce possible, while reducing lift. Silver Brembo brake calipers are utilized on the 300 SRT8, creating a marked contrast between the black vapor chrome on the wheels and the brakes themselves.

"The 300 is certainly expressive due to its proportion," said Trostle. "With its cool silhouette and the greenhouse, it still has a lot of presence, yet is understated. We wanted that same flavor to come into the SRT. The 300 SRT8 lends itself to SRT, because of those attributes. You see it on the road, and it's hunkered down and pretty intimidating in its own right due to the proportion of it."

The 300 SRT8 features a one-of-a-kind black-badge with the SRT logo that coincides with the colors and finish of the exterior, especially the black vapor chrome finish on the wheels. To see the 300 SRT8 up-close, visit


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