Owner Profile: Jon Treen, Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania

Owner Profile: Jon Treen of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
Posted on May 07, 2012

My friend had me upgrade his SRT4’s head gasket, since it had 500+ horsepower at the wheels. When I saw the inside of the motor, with stock rods and pistons, I was amazed at how good everything looked for having that much power. I told him to let me know if he ever wanted to sell it, and the next day, he came over with an offer. I went to the bank the next day and bought his car.

First Mopar® - The first Dodge I ever owned was a 1989 Dakota two-wheel-drive. People were scared of it because the old owner put a four-inch cowl hood on it, but actually, all it had was a four-cylinder.

In the garage - I now own a 2003 SRT-4. My first thoughts during the first week I had the car were, "I'm glad this has a roll cage", and "Wow, I can't believe this is a Neon." With this car, I have thousands of resources at my disposal now.

Favorite stretch of road - My favorite road is any I drive my car on because of how fun it is to drive. The way my SRT is built, it will shine on any road. The Pennsylvania Turnpike isn't that bad, though.

Farthest you’ve driven to meet a fellow car enthusiast - I've driven about 100 miles to the Buschur Import Shootout. A friend of mine who also has an SRT4 was racing, so I really just went to cheer him on and watch his SRT destroy most other cars there.

Racing or cruising - My SRT is not a trailer queen. It will be driven to car shows and to Pittsburgh Raceway, Norwalk, Quaker City Raceway, and who knows where else. The way it's set up, I think it will do well in road course racing. I like drag racing and want to branch out into the other worlds of racing, like autocross and road course.

Badge of loyalty - How about having a SRT with about $40,000 invested into to it instead of buying anything else for about $60,000? It's great to be able to line up next to an exotic sports car and be able to obliterate them in a Neon.

Online hangouts - I go to the SRTforums a lot. I've actually met a lot of people around my area who I didn't know existed from the forums or Facebook. Sometimes, my name even gets thrown around and I end up working on someone else's SRT4.


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