Stryker comes out to play.

The backstory of how Stryker came to fruition.
Posted on Feb 04, 2012

A symbol with long-lasting relevance is more than an image. It’s an icon. SRT designers take careful consideration in choosing a Viper logo to cement this phenomenon. The next Viper is still in waiting, but its logo is ready for the world. Follow us as we evoke its realization.

The new “Stryker” logo earned its name at the 2010 Viper Owners Invitational in Salt Lake City, Utah. Owners had several options, but “Stryker” was the most fitting name of the new logo.

Stryker marks the first new Viper emblem since 2003 and the third incarnation of a Viper logo, following “Sneaky Pete” and “Fang.”

Stryker Sketch

Chrysler designer Vince Galante - a Viper owner himself – is the talented artist behind the new logo. Galante took the new logo in a new direction with a more playful appearance, while still conveying the sinister look and “evil grin” of the original.

“I’m a big fan of the classic ‘60s front-engine race cars, like the Cobra Daytona and the early Ferraris,” said Galante. “That’s why I like my classic GTS.”

Galante - still in his 20s - grew up on Transformers, GI Joe and the Thundercats. Sketching and drawing robots and monsters as a kid, the images are forever ingrained in his subconscious.

Snake Progression

“I never looked at images of the Thundercats while I was doing the new logo, but after the fact, I realize that the new design has some elements of those graphics, but more intentionally has some lines that reflect the new Viper,” noted Galante.

Galante enamored his friends and co-workers with early sketches, all while the next Viper’s existence was in jeopardy. They threw around the idea of producing T-shirts with the image, but time did not allow. Galante’s manager, Joe Dehner, Head of Ram and Dodge Design, discovered Galante’s work and he suddenly had the job of producing the new logo. After careful consideration and some tweaking, the image that would soon adorn the Gen V Viper was finalized.

Styker Inspiration

Mark Trostle, Head of SRT Design, vividly remembers the exact moment that he first saw the sketch that would later be named “Stryker.” After spending several hours searching for the right theme - including the thorough review of nearly 20 designs - everything came together. The search was complete.

“Vince actually brought his pencil sketch to both Joe (Dehner) and me to review,” shared Mark Trostle. “We both said, ‘That’s it.’ We knew Vince had created a new icon. The new Stryker badge is the most refined, sinister looking and beautiful badge yet, just like the shape of the car.”


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