Video: SRT spares no detail in customizing Grand Cherokee SRT8s for Formula One stars.

Customizing any vehicle can be a painstaking process. The Rosso Corsa Grand Cherokee SRT8s were no exception, but well worth the effort.
Posted on Feb 22, 2012

“It had to be a very specific red, it couldn’t just be any red,” said exterior designer Vince Galante. For this reason, Rosso Corsa was the sole consideration when developing the pair of custom Grand Cherokee SRT8s for Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. A precise match with Ferrari red was achieved giving the pair of Grand Cherokee SRT8s a matchless appearance. This instantly recognizable hue has been a staple at Ferrari since Italian race cars wore it in the 1920s.

Destined for Formula One stars, Vince knew a little extra was needed to set the SUVs apart. A black driver’s stripe with white accent runs the length of the SUV making for an even more distinctive appearance. Chrome emblems were traded for gloss black variants, and stock wheels received a black powder-coat finish. Custom carbon fiber mirror caps further distinguish the custom vehicles. Ensuring Italian flavor was conveyed, colors from the nation’s flag are placed on the underside of the rear spoiler, similar to Ferrari's 2011 Formula One livery.

Great detail went into making the exterior unforgettable, but inside is where designers spent countless hours perfecting the SUVs. SRT designers borrowed iconic yellow for the gauge clusters and adapted it to the Grand Cherokee SRT8’s existing layout. Taking things a step further, Ferrari type face is utilized.

Leather surfaces within are far from standard. The existing materials catalog is extensive, but nothing quite matched the project requirements. The team turned to a furniture materials supplier in search of the perfect grain and color. The result is an ultra-soft hide that matches exterior paint exactly.

Completing the job by hand is a necessary step in any custom application. The Rosso Corsa Grand Cherokee SRT8s are no exception. All leather stitching for the project was completed by a local craftsman in Michigan. Long hours were spent, but with any special project, the end result was well worth the extra effort.

The SRT-specific steering wheel receives red stitching, while floormats receive a similar treatment, insuring uniqueness.

The pair of custom SUVs are some the first 2012 Grand Cherokee SRT8s to land on European soil, and they won’t be the last. SRT proudly expands its presence to Europe in 2012, and will begin offering the 470-horsepower SUV later in the year.


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