Owner Profile: Charles Olsen, Baumholder, Germany and Rockport, Texas

Owner Profile: Charles Olsen, Baumholder, Germany and Rockport, Texas
Posted on Feb 11, 2012

I have always loved the SRT line, but could never afford to buy one. I loved everything they had to offer – most importantly, the speed, luxury and amazing design. When the 2012 models were revealed, I knew I would be a proud owner of a Grand Cherokee SRT8® or a 300 SRT8. Now that I own a 300 SRT8, I couldn’t be happier.

First Mopar® My first Mopar was a 1999 Dodge Durango SLT. I loved the power of the V8 and the overall performance and handling – especially in the winter months.

Mopar Garage I currently own a 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8 in Gloss Black with a black interior.

Favorite stretch of road I love the back roads that wind all throughout Texas. The curves, bends and scenery are an absolute rush when cruising.

Farthest you’ve driven to meet a fellow car enthusiast I used to drive to Houston to meet with Corvette® and SRT8 owners. These meet-ups gave us all a chance to enjoy our deep appreciation for great cars and cruise with friends.

Racing or cruising I love the idea of cruising in my SRT8. I love being able to watch everyone’s head turn as I drive by.

Badge of Loyalty I didn’t name my dog after SRT, or get a tattoo saying SRT, but my motivation for the past year was purely SRT8. When I heard the new models were coming out, I was deployed to Afghanistan. I worked through the hard times to one day own a Grand Cherokee SRT8 or a 300 SRT8.

Online Hangouts The only forum I really take part in is the SRT8 Owners Club. I like to see what others have done with their SRT8s and share the bond of owning one.


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