[Video] Stay connected with SRT Performance Pages.

Stay connected with SRT Performance Pages.
Posted on Jan 27, 2012

A true driving experience is much more than going fast. It’s a religious experience. SRT Performance Pages by Uconnect unites engine diagnostics, handling feedback and entertainment within a single interface.

Telemetry and real-time data aren’t reserved for the race track or dyno room anymore. Performance Pages includes timers measuring 0-60 mph, one-eighth mile and quarter-mile runs. Lateral and longitudinal G-forces, steering angle, horsepower and torque output and 60-0 braking distance all within the vivid 8.4-inch touchscreen.

Know exactly what’s happening under the hood of your SRT at every turn you make. Performance Pages features digital gauges that relay battery voltage, oil pressure, oil, coolant and intake air temperature.

Auditory excellence from SRT’s 6.4L V-8 is paired with an outstanding stereo within. Numerous methods of piping music through an SRT are available including a USB input, SD card slot and Bluetooth® streaming in addition to all standard sources.

When driving an SRT, keeping your hands on the wheel is a non-issue. Each car is outfitted with Bluetooth hands-free and voice-recognition, allowing conversations to continue while in motion. Control of the radio, climate controls and navigation system are also centrally located.

Performance Pages has earned its stripes. Edmunds.com recently awarded the 2012 Charger SRT8® its “Breakthrough Technology Award,” in part due the impressive Performance Pages.


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