John Gastman - Viper Headquarters Profile

Posted on Aug 01, 2011

Central Illinois may seem remote, but to fans of the Dodge Viper, visiting the tiny town of Roanoke is like visiting a second home. Friendly diners serve up homemade brownies to hungry roadtrippers who are just passing through, but locals know the real treat in town is the Roanoke Motor Company showroom.

John has forged a reputation as one of the highest-volume Dodge Viper dealers in the country. His inventory lies in highly secured warehouses, but the key to his success is no secret. Since the Viper’s introduction, John has shown tremendous support to Viper clubs and his community at large. Car enthusiasts return his kindness in big ways, ensuring massive turnouts as people travel from across the country to show up at John’s dealer-hosted events. caught up with John during a community event hosted at Roanoke Motors held to celebrate the debut of a custom-airbrushed Viper commissioned by prolific Viper owner D’Ann Rauh. Amid a multi-state cruise-in, snacks, photography sessions and a demonstration of the Mopar Challenger Drag Pak, John made time to explain why supporting grassroots car culture is good business.

As the Viper continues to set production car lap records at famous racetracks around the country, John continues to use Roanoke’s geographically neutral location to serve a broad customer base. On web forums and social networks, Roanoke Motors is fast becoming known as a special destination worth the drive.


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