Volcano Racing - Motorsport Mintgen still on track for success

Posted on Jul 04, 2011

Two podium finishes and class wins in the Touring Car Championship DMV

(Translated from German) - Wassenach / Mayen / Andernach. Two second overall ranks and two class wins - that is, almost, for maximum yield volcano-Racing-Motorsport-Mintgen the third round of the Touring Car Championship powered by DMV UHSport at the Nurburgring last weekend.

In both races on Saturday could Heiko Hammel (Forchtenberg) keep the competition at bay. Only he can pull Jürg Aeberhard had, who was with the turbo Porsche 993 GT2 motorized much stronger. "No chance to hold the, although we approached closer and more of his time. We must not forget. "Heiko Hammel commented after the race. The winning trophies in the GT3 class cars were the young mutton Viper pilots still secure. No other GT3 race car was faster.

For these achievements, however, was a small effort needed in the workshop in Mayen. After the accident at the ADAC GT Masters Dodge Viper Competition Coupe GT3 under severe time pressure has been completely rebuilt. "My mechanics have in recent days made ​​a lot and did a great job." Said Michael Mintgen. That the Viper Coupe then easily ran shows the precision with which is worked in Mayen.

After three successful racing weekends in the Touring Car Championship DMV lie the volcanic-Racing-Motorsport-Pilot Mintgen Sascha Bert (Ober-Ramstadt) and Heiko Hammel in the overall standings to first place.

From 8 to 10 July it is once again at the Nurburgring for the fourth round of the ADAC GT Masters as part of the Truck Grand Prix's. The volcano-Racing Viper Competition Coupe GT3 gets here now society. The Austrian Gottfried Grasser is also on the Dodge Viper Competition Coupe GT3. Together they will compete against GT consisting Armanda keep from Porsche, Lamborghini, Corvette, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes and Audi, the Viper-flag high.


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