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Below find some of our frequently asked questions.
Answer. Only US-market SRT vehicles may redeem a VIN for the High Performance Driving School of Dodge/SRT. Non-US-market vehicle owners are welcome to attend a High Performance Driving School at the normal event cost.
Answer. No, you will be driving FCA supplied SRT vehicles.
Answer. If your vehicle was ordered after 4/1/05, the registration has been included in the cost of your vehicle so there is no additional charge (U.S. spec vehicles only). Check your Monroney Label (window sticker) for reference, or call us at headquarters (1-800-998-1110) to check for you. If you are attending as a non-owner driving guest, the fee is $999.00.
Answer. All events have their scheduled check-in time noted on the schedule page
Answer. You have one year from your date of purchase of your 2015/2016/2017/2018 SRT VIN to enroll in the course.
Answer. The High Performance Driving School runs rain or shine!
Answer. The High Performance Driving School is held in Chandler, AZ. Visit our event schedule page for more information. The schedule is updated frequently, so check back often!

Answer. There are 4 driving modules throughout the day that you will take part in. Accident Avoidance: This drill is the ideal way to show a driver how to react in emergency situations, whether it is a car unexpectedly pulling out in front of someone, a child running into the street, or an accident occurring in front of the driver.

Objectives: Keeping vision elevated, maintaining safe driving distance, learning basic physics of the vehicle

Skid Car: This is the best way to learn how to properly control a car that loses traction and goes into a skid. Drivers get behind the wheel and feel the car lose traction and start to slide. Proper correction is then applied to stabilize the vehicle.

Objectives: Vision skills, car communication, car control skills

Lunch will be provided part-way through the day

Auto-Cross: An Auto-Cross is a miniature road course that is set up with cones. The object is to get through the course as quickly as possible, without hitting any cones. Each cone hit is a penalty that adds 1 sec. to the Driver’s time through the course.

Objectives: Vision skills, car control skills, proper driving line

Lead-and-Follow: The Lead-and-Follow is an exercise that introduces a Driver to the experience of driving on a proper race track. Drivers will follow an Instructor, being shown the proper driving line, braking and acceleration points through the track. The Driver’s goal is to accurately replicate the Instructor's car through the race course.

Objectives: Proper line technique, vision skills, car control skills

Hot laps: The biggest thrill of the day! Drivers right right-seat with a Bondurant Racing School Instructor on some fast-paced laps around the race track.

Answer. Check-In (8:00-8:30)

Introduction (8:30a.m. - 9:00a.m.) The formal introduction will introduce Bob Bondurant’s racing history, the inception of the School, and a brief overview of the day’s events, including the cars to be used for those events.

Ground School (9:00a.m. - 9:45a.m.) The Ground School is the foundation of introducing and explaining basic car control skills and knowledge to the Driver. It is a classroom session that employs the Bondurant Method of teaching to assure that every Driver has the best preparation before driving on the exercises.

Exercise Rotation (10:00-12:00, 1:00-4:00)

Answer. Absolutely! Driving guests are allowed as space is available for a $999.00 registration fee. You can enter guest with the Bondurant Representative over the phone.
Answer. SRT owners and automotive enthusiasts ages 18 and up are eligible to participate, and must register to attend. To participate as a driver, you must show a valid state issued driver's license.
Answer. Refer to the Monroney Label (window sticker) on your vehicle. If the fee was included, it will be stated as part of the standard package. Or, call us at headquarters at 1-800-998-1110 and we can check your VIN for you.
Answer. In either of these easy ways!
  1. Email with the following information
    First and Last Name
    Email Address
    Phone Number
    Complete VIN Number
    Model of the SRT vehicle
    Model Year of the SRT vehicle
  2. Or call 1-800-998-1110
Answer. Yes, if you have leased the vehicle within the last year, there is no additional cost to attend. The High Performance Driving School offer expires 1 year from date of purchase or lease.
Answer. The only location for the 2017/2018 season is in Chandler, AZ. All dates for the SRT Program are located on
Answer. We understand that plans change. All cancellations must be submitted in writing, either by e-mail to, or faxed to 1-248-553-2138. You may cancel your reservation at any time up to 14 days before your event with no penalty. Cancellations received after that will be charged the full registration amount. If a VIN was used for enrollment, than that VIN will be voided for future use.
Answer. Photography and videography on-site is permitted; however we do not allow any equipment that requires mounting.
Answer. If you have any health restrictions, please let us know when you register, and we will do our best to accommodate them.
Answer. The Bondurant School is outfitted with helmets for use during the event. A driver can use their own, as long as it is in good physical condition, and is at least an open-face helmet. No skull caps or quarter helmets will be permitted, and it will be at the discretion of the Instructors managing the event as to whether or not a driver’s helmet is suitable for use.
Answer. A menu will be presented once the consumer arrives on-site. You will have the option to purchase a lunch off the menu or bring your own to the facility.
Answer. *We have a great program arranged where Drivers will have the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a variety of different SRT vehicles. Drivers will experience the SRT 392 HEMI® Challenger at the Accident Avoidance Exercise, the SRT 392 HEMI Charger on the Skid Pad, the SRT Hellcat at the Auto-Cross and the SRT Hellcat on Hot Laps.*
*Based on scheduling, some cars may be substituted for other SRT vehicles.
Answer. You must be 18 years or older to participate and provide a valid driver's license on-site.
Answer. Once you schedule your track date, that is the date you are required to attend. Bondurant does not permit the classes to be rescheduled due to the high demand of scheduling and limited class dates. Specific fees do apply when you cancel or reschedule your class.
Answer. The only family members that are permitted to use the owner's VIN are your spouse or a child 18 years of age that lives in the same household as the owner.