Hellcat Order

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SRT® Hellcat Sold Order Help

If you believe you have a valid 2015 order and have not been contacted regarding build status:

  1. Obtain your vehicle order number (VON)
    1. Your VON can be found on your Price Order Confirmation (POC)
    2. If you do not have a copy of your POC, it can be supplied by the dealer where your order was placed
  2. Call 800-998-1110 or email customerservice@driveSRT.com and have the following ready:
    1. VON
    2. Name the order was placed under
    3. Zip code
    4. Dealer the order was placed through
  3. If your model year 2015 SRT Hellcat order is validated and your VON is on the cancellation list, you will receive a personalized incentive

Example Factory Price Order Confirmation