Viper vs. Viper: SRT® Viper goes head-to-head with F-16 Viper fighter jet.

The SRT® Viper has long been known for its power and precision. The same goes for the F-16 Fighting Falcon, affectionately known by its unofficial nickname — “F-16 Viper.”

In the theme of friendly competition, the iconic American exotic has squared off against its namesake fighter jet a number of times over the years.

That engagement was renewed recently by the Viper Club of America (VCA) on a closed course at Luke Air Force Base in the Phoenix area. A 3,000-foot segment of one runway was used to stage a drag race between the SRT Viper and the F-16 Viper.

See who wins in this exclusive video.

*The SRT brand is not affiliated with the Viper Club of America or this event.

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