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Lavish Laguna leather provides a full sensory experience in SRT® vehicles.

A smooth buttery touch. Those words are used quite often to describe the feel of premium Laguna leather now found within the interior of SRT® vehicles. The exceptional Laguna leather is now available on the 300 SRT, Charger SRT, Grand Cherokee SRT and SRT Viper.

“This leather feels like the leather on the most expensive piece of furniture that you could buy,” said La Shirl Turner, Senior Manager, Color and Materials, Chrysler Group LLC. “It feels like when you buy the furniture and get it delivered to your house and you sit in it and then you feel like you are melting, and you don’t want to get up. It’s that soft and elegant.”

The interior design team at SRT looked at several suppliers during its search for a leather to create a new signature interior. A few different iterations were presented before Elmo – the leather supplier, based in Sweden – was chosen as the exclusive supplier of Laguna leather for SRT. Elmo has been providing leather for many years to the makers of high-end items such as furniture, yachts and private airplanes.

“We wanted to do something we hadn’t done before and really make it speak to the interior,” shared Turner. “We wanted it to be more premium, but also fit the lifestyle of SRT and what it really means. We wanted something that was not really a ‘heavy grain’ as we call it, something smoother and sporty that still spoke to SRT.”

The Laguna leather used in SRT products is naked leather, meaning it is right off the cattle. If the grain varies or has any sort of natural blemish, it is not corrected. It looks as it did before it came off the cattle, providing a truly “natural” look.

“We really wanted to stay true to what the leather is,” explained Turner. “Instead of hiding some of the marks on the leather, we felt that it was nice to keep those in, because that’s what the leather is. If you buy a high-end leather couch, you’ll see that it’s uber-soft and almost feels like you are touching your hand in butter and you can see the natural marks in there. And since it’s natural you don’t feel stiffness or 10 layers of automotive coatings on it.”

Visually, Laguna leather has a very soft and smooth look to the eye. The hue of Laguna leather is a bridge between tan and brown leathers that Chrysler Group LLC had been using in various applications. Laguna leather meets in the middle in terms of lightness and darkness, providing a unique contrast.

“It’s all about the naturalness of the leather,” said Turner. “The more you use it, some areas may change in color a little bit and make it darker, just by the oils in the touch of the hand. So there may be a difference in color, but that comes with the nature of the leather. It’s kind of like furniture, the more you sit on it, the color will change. It’s all about the naturalness of it.”

Along with the smoothness in touch and being easy on the eyes, Laguna leather has a distinct aroma that is present the instant the door of the vehicle is opened. Of the five senses, Laguna leather vividly incorporates at least three of them when inside of an SRT vehicle outfitted with it.

“It’s a nice sensory overload,” said Turner. “We did our homework and checked out what was going on in other places. We didn’t want to mimic or knock-off what someone else was doing. We wanted to create our signature and something that was brand new and have something special for SRT.”

Coupled with the power and performance that is a hallmark of the SRT brand, vehicles truly provide a full sensory experience for both drivers and passengers. Laguna leather is the most opulent hide ever offered in a Chrysler Group vehicle. It is available in rich sepia hue in the 300 SRT, Charger SRT, Grand Cherokee SRT, and SRT Viper. Black Laguna leather is available exclusively in the SRT Viper.




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