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SRT® hits television screens with ‘Body and Soul’ commercials.

Owners and enthusiasts often describe SRT® as a way of life. From the iconic SRT Viper to the luxurious 300 SRT, along with the modern-day muscle cars — Challenger SRT and Charger SRT — as well as the versatile and performance-based Grand Cherokee SRT, vehicles that wear the SRT badge leave a lasting impression. With an eye on spreading the word on the brand to the masses, SRT recently debuted a set of three broadcast commercials entitled: “Body and Soul.”

Beth Paretta, Director of Marketing for the SRT Brand, is pleased with how the “Body and Soul” ad came together. “SRT is an authentic brand, for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. Our team is singularly focused on making vehicles for drivers who appreciate high-performance driving dynamics. Working on SRT truly is a labor of love for our team. This ad embodies that.”

The commercials take viewers through a visual timeline of what automobiles have meant to generations of Americans, in terms of a rite of passage. Similar to the DNA and genes that comprise humans, SRT vehicles comprise a similar theme within. “Body and Soul” goes under the hood and body to show the passion and craftsmanship that goes into the creation and production of each and every SRT vehicle.

The “Body and Soul” commercials will air on various cable television networks and can also be viewed on the driveSRT YouTube channel. See the story behind SRT vehicles and the components and elements that are intertwined to create them, precisely based on the five hallmarks of the brand: aggressive and functional exterior, awe-inspiring powertrain, outstanding ride, handling and capability, benchmark braking and race-inspired interior.


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