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One-of-a-kind Sons of Italy Foundation® 2013 SRT® Viper GTS is unveiled in Washington D.C.

Creating one-off vehicles never gets old for the design team at SRT®. Recently the group unveiled a special 2013 SRT Viper GTS for the Sons of Italy Foundation®, destined to be auctioned off, with all proceeds going to the group.

The SRT Viper GTS that was built specifically for the Sons of Italy Foundation features a tri-coat pearl white body dubbed Avorio Perla. One-off multi-spoke black vapor chrome wheels contrast the white body. While sketching possible themes for the car, the SRT design team not only looked at white as the body color, but also considered red and even yellow. Ultimately, the white pearl coat stood out above the rest as a truly unique look. Behind the GTS badge near the front wheels is a small tribute to the Italian colors.DSC_2476

“What’s cool about this white is that it has a lot of travel in the color,” said Mark Trostle, Head of SRT Design. “With it having some of this metallic pearl in it, it really shows off the shapes of the car very well. It catches a lot of light, especially on the hood. In the sunlight, it’s beautiful how it lights up. That’s one of the big pieces that makes the car unique.”

Also included on the Sons of Italy Foundation Viper GTS are black vapor chrome wheels, which is exclusive to SRT, and while available as an option on the Charger, Challenger, 300 and Grand Cherokee the wheels are not currently offered on Viper products.DSC_2492

“The wheels look fantastic in this finish,” shared Trostle. “It’s a really rich, premium exterior with a pearl white and the black vapor wheels and that leads to a great color combination. We were looking for what colors would really make the car special and this tri-coat white paired with the black vapor chrome wheels really resonated with us.”

This customized version of the fifth-generation iconic supercar is swathed inside with a Laguna leather package in a warm sepia hue. On the seats, the colors of the Italian flag run down the center in the form of a one-inch wide stripe. The interior also sports a red Styker logo on the steering wheel and red bezel accents. The GTS badge that traditionally lives above the passenger side glove box features some Italian flair, featuring the colors of the flag by way of the “G” in green, the “T” in white and the “S” in red.

DSC_2558“The sepia Laguna leather on the interior complements the exterior colors very well and really ties the whole theme of the car together,” noted Trostle. “The sepia interior makes it that much more special and gives it a very elegant look. We didn’t want to make the car overtly green white and red, but we wanted to do the colors in a subtle way.”

The Sons of Italy Foundation (SIF) is the charitable arm of the Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA), the nation’s largest and longest established organization representing men and women of Italian heritage. Established in 1959, the Sons of Italy Foundation (SIF) is dedicated to improving the lives of Italian Americans and others in need. This is accomplished by supporting: educational excellence through scholarships, medical research, cultural preservation, disaster relief, services for America’s wounded warriors, and other special projects. For more details about the auction benefiting the Sons of Italy Foundation, visit

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