Track Slayer: SRT® Viper Time Attack is built to dominate.

It takes a well-prepared car and astute driving ability to lap a road course with confidence. The SRT® Viper Time Attack handles the car part by taking the handling ability of the SRT Viper to the next level of precision. Honed at the track, the Time Attack (TA) spec package offers the ultimate track-day street car.

Building on the already impressive capabilities of the fifth-generation SRT Viper, the Time Attack wrings out the track-lapping capability of the SRT Viper. Several areas of the SRT Viper are enhanced, with special attention to handling components and settings.

Engineering for the TA was placed at the hands of a very small group of SRT engineers with extensive road-racing experience. SRT Engineers had a very precise goal in mind when developing the potent TA: to build a stunning track-day Viper ready for enthusiasts to take on any of North America’s more than 150 road-racing circuits.

From the ground up, the TA takes the SRT Viper to new levels of ability and appearance. Lightweight matte-black Sidewinder II wheels are wrapped in ultra-sticky Pirelli® P Zero Corsa tires ready for track duty. A factory-tuned race-ready alignment utilizes the SRT Viper’s completely adjustable suspension, adding significant negative camber to all four corners.

2014 SRT Viper TA (Time Attack)

Aggressive track-handling confidence is further achieved thanks to two-mode Bilstein® dampers retuned for optimal on-track performance. User-selectable Street and Race Mode suspension settings offer firmer damping than the Viper GTS. Spring rates on the TA continue the theme of more capable handling with firmer rates than the GTS offers.

Consistent, predictive stopping ability is key to producing fast lap times. SRT engineers worked with Brembo® to enhance the existing world-class braking ability of the Viper. Updates involve advanced new two-piece rotors with increased thermal capacity for additional resistance to brake fade. Brake calipers feature the Viper logo in TA Orange, continuing the exterior color scheme.

Crafted from carbon fiber, a rear deck lid spoiler and a two-piece front splitter unite to induce 238 pounds of added downforce, for a total of 278 pounds at 150 mph. Carbon fiber is also found on the rear taillight surround.

2014 SRT Viper TA (Time Attack)

TA Orange makes its debut on the SRT Viper TA and is exclusive to the special edition. Replacing the standard SRT badges are new TA logos, while Stryker hood emblem is also swapped in favor of a flat insignia. This weight-saving alternative results in a one-pound reduction in curb weight.

Inside, TA Orange stitching accents lightweight SRT Viper seats covered in ballistic fabric. Driver and passenger seats can also accommodate five and six-point racing belts. SRT Performance Pages found on the SRT Viper are also found within the Time Attack for added data requisition.

These enhancements and fine tuning contribute to much faster lap times. In a sport where tenths matter, the Time Attack excels at shaving off those few extra ticks. The spec package was recently put to the test at Laguna Seca Raceway, where the SRT Viper set a lap time of 1:33.6. For those keeping score, the lap time is three tenths faster than the record set at the track in 2009. See the full story at Motor Trend.

New York City hosts the official unveiling of the potent SRT Viper Time Attack, one year after the SRT Viper made its return. Limited to 93 examples in TA Orange, production of the 2014 SRT Viper Time Attack commences this fall.

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