Style giant: 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT® sports new five-spoke wheels.

The first-generation SRT® vehicles featured five-spoke wheels that have since become iconic among owners. SRT designers were continually asked about five-spoke wheels and when they would be brought back. That time has come as the new 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT features a re-mastered design of the classic five-spoke wheels.The five-spoke wheel has an intricate and sculptured design, yet still possesses a simple and sleek look. The five-spoke wheel comes in full polish, adding even more personality to the 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT.

style-giant-2014-grand-cherokee-srt-sports-new-five-spoke-wheels-1 “We like to always offer as many options as we can for the customer to make their vehicle their own,” said Vince Galante, Jeep® Exterior Design Manager. “Wheels from the side view of the car are one of the biggest things you can do to your car to make it different. We always like to offer as many different wheels as we can and as many different finishes for those wheels as we can. You can take the same geometry and change the color or the finish and really make it look like a completely different wheel.”

Also an option on the 2014 Grand Cherokee is the multi-spoke wheel, which was introduced on the 2012 Grand Cherokee SRT. The multi-spoke wheel comes in either satin carbon finish or black vapor chrome, which was first debuted on the special edition Alpine and Vapor models of the 2013 Grand Cherokee SRT. In total, there are three finishes and two different wheel designs available for the 2014 Grand Cherokee SRT.

style-giant-2014-grand-cherokee-srt-sports-new-five-spoke-wheels-2“We offer the big, bright simple wheel or you can do a more intricate, darker wheel,” noted Galante. “You have a color difference and a shape difference. That gives a lot of options to our customers.”

Function, style and performance play a key role in all facets of an SRT vehicle and that’s certainly the case when it comes to the wheels on the Grand Cherokee SRT. Whether it’s the new five-spoke or the complex multi-spoke wheels, the wheels serve as the anchor of the vehicle, while adding a unique personality and flair.

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