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Fan-inspired 300 SRT® concept makes its debut at annual Spring Fest celebration.

SRT® presented a special surprise to guests at the eighth annual Spring Festival of LXs: a conceptual interpretation of the 300 SRT directly inspired by the legion of owners whose web-based community has fostered many close real-life friendships.

“At my first Spring Fest, I remember being blown away by the fans’ level of passion and knowledge,” said Mark Trostle, Head of SRT Exterior Design. “It’s so cool that we get to meet people who are so into their cars, because we’re so into these cars, too.”

As nearly 1000 Challenger, Charger, Magnum and 300 fans descended on Irvine, California for the massive annual meet up, SRT designers and engineers were on-hand to introduce the special edition vehicle and tour guests through its appointments. More importantly, the team was there to cement the connection SRT customers and company leaders share.

Spring Fest 2

“That’s what Spring Fest does,” Trostle said. “It brings us all together. This is beyond just a customer relationship with the manufacturer. We’re one big family. I see this car as a car that could be a customized car on display at this event.”

Spring Fest began as a way for members of the LxForums.com website to meet each other. Eight iterations later, the event entertains attendees from nearly every state in the Union. Several international fans make the trip each year.

“Doing this car says a lot about what that event is,” Trostle said. “We didn’t pick just any 300. We built a trick car just for our Spring Fest fans. That says a lot about their voice and what they mean to us.”

The concept vehicle on display was conceived and constructed in-house over the course of one month. It marks the second custom 300 SRT to debut at Spring Fest.

“The 300, of all the SRT products, is the most subdued,” Trostle said. “It’s the most gentlemanly, if you will. Playing with the color palette and finishes shows the car in a very different light.”

Spring Fest 3

The conceptual 300 SRT wears a non-metallic “straight shade” paint color that Trostle describes as “almost nostalgic.” The window moldings, mirror caps and taillamps have been blacked out to coax the eye away from details in consideration of proportion and color instead. The coup d’grace: a new matte-finish Black Vapor Chrome wheel that could potentially signal the next generation of wheel finishes at SRT.

“When you go with a finish instead of a paint, the color has more travel and depth,” Trostle said. “When the light hits this finish, it changes shades of grey more than a normal paint would allow us to have.”

Black Vapor Chrome, an SRT-specific finish, debuted on the 300 SRT. Public response to the finish was so positive that Black Vapor Chrome wheels are now available on the Challenger SRT, Charger SRT and Grand Cherokee SRT.

Spring Fest 4“We own the finish,” Trostle said. “Where do we take it from here? If we get positive feedback from our community, this finish could have potential in the marketplace.”

SRT enthusiasts are invited to post their feedback to the brand’s official Facebook page.

“Every designer within SRT is always encouraged to come up and investigate new looks and potential new trends,” Trostle said. “That’s what the entire Spring Fest atmosphere is about: every car there has been personalized in some way. That’s what we want to do: give our products that kind of personalization.”

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