The SRT® Team: Ready and more than willing to answer your call.

Picking up the phone doesn’t always have to be mind-numbing and painful. In fact, it can even be quite an enchanting and even enlightening experience. That’s the atmosphere that SRT owners and enthusiasts will encounter when they reach out to the brand-new SRT Team call center.

Car people. That’s exactly what the SRT Team is. Comprised of SRT owners, salespeople, enthusiasts and even former engineers and technicians, the SRT Team has a deep-seated passion, unmatched knowledge and a steadfast love for the brand. Team members participated in a stringent training and selection process to earn a spot on the squad, ensuring they possessed the innate ability to provide expertise on the products offered and questions that may arise from callers.

Sticking to our roots in the Motor City, the SRT Team is based where it should be, Detroit, Michigan. Highly-skilled agents fielding calls will provide a direct link to SRT marketing, public relations, engineering and design.

The SRT Team will utilize its know-how to answer any and all questions related to technical aspects of an SRT vehicle, in addition to the precise engineering of an SRT, as well as fielding inquiries about the purchase or sale of an SRT. The dedicated crew will also conduct follow-up case studies to ensure the complete satisfaction of SRT owners and enthusiasts interaction with the SRT Team.

Our easy-to-remember toll-free number to reach is 855-SRT-TEAM (855-778-8326) and operates Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-8 p.m. (EST) and on Saturday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (EST).

The SRT Team is completely dedicated to the performance brand, as each brand within the Chrysler Group possesses their own similar operation. Should you ever have to wait on the line, there will be no boring elevator music with the SRT Team. Racy, modern tunes will fill your ear.

SRT experts helping SRT owners and enthusiasts, that’s what the SRT Team is all about.

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