2013 Grand Cherokee SRT®

Rugged Legacy. Impeccable Style.

At times, it will take your breath away. For years to come, it will make you smile. The 2013 Grand Cherokee SRT® masterfully blends power, performance, handling, technology and a whole bunch of rugged good looks. It’s the ultimate SUV.


Vapor and Alpine

Augmented Appearances. Refined Rivals

Aggressive and Functional Exterior

Ready To Pounce

Attitude is everything.

The 2013 Grand Cherokee SRT® is dripping with attitude. A wide, aggressive stance that is more than an inch lower than its standard stablemate sets them apart. Cooling ducts going in, hot air vents pulling out, and mildly rumbling five-inch black chrome dual exhaust tips announce your arrival. Yeah, it's got all that.

The Grand Cherokee SRT is unmistakable with its unique and painted grille, integrated chin spoiler and color-matched wheel arches broadening its appearance and housing real performance tires on deep-set wheels. Undeniable attitude at every turn.

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Awe-Inspiring Powertrain

Unleash The Beast

470 horsepower. 465 pound-feet of torque. Must be a 6.4-liter HEMI® V-8.

6.4L HEMI Powertrain

Sure, it'll get you to the game on time. But when it's time to get away from it all, nothing gets you where you want to be quicker than the 2013 Grand Cherokee SRT®. The 6.4-liter HEMI®-powered Grand Cherokee SRT takes you away with equal doses of adrenaline, throw-me-back torque
and unabashed driving pleasure.

For added enjoyment, choose the steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters or the gearshift-controlled AutoStick to raise your rpm range. You get the control
of a manual transmission with the ease of an automatic.

When your drive settles down and your left brain finally kicks in, Fuel Saver Technology shuts down four cylinders and conserves fuel for the long haul.

Outstanding Ride, Handling and Capability

Change Your Attitude

Grand Cherokee SRT Handling

Plant your foot and feel the difference.

The 2013 Grand Cherokee SRT® is the most capable Jeep® ever. With 470 horsepower channeled to all four corners via the Quadra-Trac® full-time all-wheel-drive system, you can lean into any corner with confidence. Straighten the nastiest, twistiest road with amazing grip and grit. When things get hairy, either through mud, rain, sand or snow, change your attitude with the center-console-mounted Selec-Track® rotary control to recalibrate the power and suspension settings. Feel good, feel the difference.

Benchmark Braking

Make It Stop

Grand Cherokee SRT Handling

Put your money on braking every time.

Loads of horsepower and torque in the performance SUV market are merely the price of admission. The 2013 Grand Cherokee SRT® has paid the full entry fee. But all that power doesn't mean a thing without equally impressive brakes. The Grand Cherokee SRT brakes are direct air-cooled. Six-piston Brembo® calipers squeeze SRT's largest 15-inch vented rotors in the front while four-piston versions grab 13.8-inch rotors out back. The result is pure money. Down to zero from 60 mph in an eye-opening 116 feet. If an emergency stop is needed, Ready Alert technology gets the brakes primed for quicker stopping response.

Race-Inspired Interior

A Sensory Explosion

Grand Cherokee SRT Handling

Become one with your environment.

The ignition button gets punched on each of your five senses when you enter the driver's seat of the 2013 Grand Cherokee SRT®. Lush leather and suede, fully bolstered seats. Race-inspired gauge clusters and instrument stack. A flat-bottomed steering wheel that directly connects you to the road. Get in, buckle up and let your senses loose. The interior of the 2013 Grand Cherokee SRT will drive your expectation level to a new high. Enjoy the ride.

The SRT® Track Experience

The drive that Tests You

Grand Cherokee SRT Handling

Get behind the wheel.

The ultimate way to experience SRT® performance is at the limits. The best way to find that edge: The SRT Track Experience.

Included with every new SRT vehicle purchase, you'll spend a day with expert instructors learning how to get the most out of SRT vehicles including the 300, Challenger, Charger and Grand Cherokee.

Your Carriage Awaits