2013 Charger SRT®

In Wolf's Clothing

The 2013 Charger SRT® is a wolf, and it's dressed in wolf's clothing.
Making a bold design statement that is classic Charger lore, the new Charger SRT is sculpted and cut to look aggressive and able from any angle. Legendary HEMI® power breathes fire into your soul while a sport suspension and the best brakes in the business
complete a handling package that has animal instincts.


Charger SRT® 392

Iconic number. Iconic performance. 392 signature

Aggressive and Functional Exterior

Poised and Purposeful

Survival of the fittest.

Combine an aggressive, open-mouth look of a predatory animal, distinctive front splitter, a functional heat-scavenging air extractor on the aluminum hood, scowling headlamps and the classic cut and chiseled side profile that has long defined Charger, and you've got the 2013 Charger SRT®. Sitting lower than its standard stablemate, the Charger SRT features unique sills, aero-tested rear quarters that channel air and release it for better airflow, and a new, more aggressive rear spoiler designed for speed with less drag. One hundred sixty-four LEDs complete the taillamp treatment.

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Awe-Inspiring Powertrain

Your Inspiration

6.4L HEMI Powertrain

It just feels good.

Under an all-aluminum hood, the 2013 Charger SRT® gets inspiration from a 6.4-liter HEMI® V-8 that puts 470 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheels through a five-speed automatic transmission with standard launch control. An improved torque curve gives gobs of power in a useable rpm range that makes for a driver-friendly power band for real-world driving.

Best of all, the Charger SRT still displays brute force on the track when needed. Expect 0 to 60 times in under five seconds and quarter-mile blasts in the high 12-second bracket. But when restraint is the order of the day, Fuel Saver Technology shuts down half the cylinders during cruising conditions for increased fuel economy.

Outstanding Ride, Handling and Capability

Behavioral Science

Charger SRT Handling

Cool and confident, and a little extra.

Bilstein® adjustable shocks support every corner of the 2013 Charger SRT®. A three-mode Adaptive Damping Suspension (ADS) allows you to dial-in your 2013 Charger SRT personality at a moment's notice, on-the-fly. Choose Auto, Sport or Track modes for three distinct behaviors.

Auto mode is your everyday setting for a sporty but comfortable ride that is also track-worthy.

Sport mode switches immediately to fully firm suspension settings for compression and rebound, and lets the spirited driving in you come forth.

In Track mode, the beast is unleashed. Already fully firm on the suspension, add more aggressive transmission shift points with quicker shifts and you've got a track monster that'll make you smile.

Core models feature a Bilstein single-mode (firm) suspension.

Benchmark Braking

Lock Down

Charger SRT Handling

Best brakes in the business.

Bringing a 170 mph Charger SRT® to a quick stop takes the best brakes in the business, and Brembo® gets the call. Behind the lightweight forged 20-inch SRT wheels are four-piston Brembo calipers that grab slotted rotors measuring 14.2 and 13.8 inches front and rear.

Massive amounts of fresh air are channeled through cooling ducts to keep the system operating at peak efficiency without fade. The high-tech Ready Alert Braking system has your back by sensing a panic stop and pre-loading the brakes for quicker response.

Race-Inspired Interior

No Compromise

Charger SRT Handling

Slip in and feel the rush.

Climb inside the 2013 Charger SRT® and feel the power, feel the performance and feel the adrenaline rush. Now press the ignition button and feel it all again. Every time you sit in the Charger SRT your senses are surrounded by features like performance-bolstered leather and suede seats that keep you planted in corners, a flat-bottom leather-wrapped steering wheel that connects you to the road and a whopping 8.4-inch touch-screen display to check vitals. Available leather hues include black, Radar Red and premium Sepia Laguna leather. An available Harman Kardon® audio system generates 900 watts of power through 19 strategically placed speakers to elevate your driving pleasure to a new level.

The SRT® Track Experience

The drive that Tests You

Charger SRT Track Experience

Get behind the wheel.

The ultimate way to experience SRT® performance is at the limits. The best way to find that edge: The SRT Track Experience.

Included with every new SRT vehicle purchase, you'll spend a day with expert instructors learning how to get the most out of SRT vehicles including the 300, Challenger, Charger and Grand Cherokee.

Put Yourself In Charge